We are a social enterprise that is working on solutions to provide opportunities to help disadvantaged youth footballers to achieve their goals and needs, we work with nearly 600 players in the UK. We believe in an asset-based approach that taps into a young person’s passions to help them maximise their potential. Each of them has a unique story about how GetScouted has impacted their lives.

How we help players:

  • Provide travelling fees for players who are going on trial to professional clubs/ semi-professional clubs
  • Provide players equipment (Football boots, shin pads and training kit)
  • Provide showcase matches for players to get seen by scouts
  •  Developing GS community App for players to connect with football scouts to achieve more opportunities

We are also an online platform that specialises in connecting young,

talented with professional scouts, agents (Intermediary), clubs and academies.

Made up of disciplines in all areas of football – We understand the

the frustration of players who are finding it increasingly harder to be in

front of scouts.

And for scouts having an influx of trials and players to

keep up with this is where GetScouted joins the party as the bridge

between the talent and scouts.

We regularly hold trials where players can register and apply. Once a player has confirmed their session, only a select few players are

chosen to attend a single 90-Minute, 11 A-side match in front of the


We record all our matches which are then analysed and

uploaded to the platform for scouts to review post-match.


“This has opened up a lot of doors for me I am eternally grateful”

Dave Belchior – GetScouted user from the UK


“GetScouted has made my job 10x easier, finding more and more talent on the platform as the days goes on”

Darren Mcflair – GetScouted user from the UK


“GetScouted helps me find new clients (players) and also able to market my clients, and most importantly connect with other agents in the field”

Carlos Kacer – GetScouted user from the UK