Frequently Asked Questions

GetScouted is a platform for talented footballers who are looking to progress their career to the next level. We hold regular trials with professional scouts attending the game as well a state-of-the-art online platform that ultimately allows you to connect with scouts.

GetScouted will help you build your football connection and network within the football industry.

1)      Attend showcase trials. The sole purpose of these trials is for you to show off to the world how great you really are. With scouts meters away from the pitch, they will be watching, taking notes and contacting players like yourself who have impressed them during the trials. Whilst we can’t guarantee that you would be the next world champion – We can at least put you in the best possible light in front of the right people.


2)      Scouts also have access to the GetScouted Platform. This platform would allow them to filter through the players that they are looking to recruit. Are you top goal scorer in your league? We want to hear about it. Are you the best left-back of the season? We want to hear about it. Does a ball from the opposition side never touch the back of your net? We want to hear about it. And if we do.. They do.

It’s a very simple process. On the home page underneath Players, you should see a button that says – Create Account. Choose Player and fill in your credentials. Your account will then be up and ready in no time.

Scouts have a different styled platform – This platform would allow you to have a holistic view of the players within our database. You would be able to filter through from positions, region to what preferred foot

Similar process as the players but select Scout/Agent and fill in your credentials.


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