GetScouted holds trials all over the UK putting undiscovered talent in front of football scouts from the Premiership, Championship to Non-league


Our job is to get you scouted! putting you in front of scouts from pro clubs and semi-pro clubs. Book your trial that is for your age group, and turn up on the day! Our trials are suitable for players from the age group of u6 to u23



What happens at GetScouted trials:

We know you will be anxious when it comes to attending our trials. But we want you to be as comfortable as possible so that you can perform at your best and also enjoy your time. We, therefore, want you to be aware of how our trials work beforehand:


  • You will be greeted at the site by our friendly GetScouted staff, where you will then complete your registration. 
  • You will be informed of the structure of how the day ahead will be run.
  • You will train with a UEFA B qualified coach, various academy drills, Then a match to showcase your talent to scouts and managers who will be watching. Please be aware that the match will be recorded
  • After the trial, scouts who have expressed an interest will have a 1-1s  chat with you, all players will be given feedback on your performance via email.


If you are successful, you will be informed at the end of the trial day. You will be introduced to the scout who has scouted you and will tell you exactly the next steps.

Don’t be disheartened if you are not scouted at one of our trials as we will always make sure that there are plenty more ways for you to improve, as you won’t leave empty-handed, you will receive your feedback from the trial for you to know what to improve on to have success at the next trial you attend. If you are not already part of a football club and want to be, our staff can also refer you to local football clubs.

No matter the result at our trials we want you to leave with a smile, knowing that you gave it your all, and learnt something new from the academy level drills.  


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